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Yu Yu Hakusho
Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the toughest kid in town and the worst student at Sarayashki Junior High. But despite his constantly getting into fights and cutting class, he's not really as bad as you might think. He is a misunderstood kid with a terrible home life. He lives with his mother who is an unemployed, alcoholic. Kayko is Yusuke's only close friend. She is the polar opposite of Yusuke and is one of the leading students at her school. One event will change Yusuke's life forever. He sacrifices his life by saving a child from an oncoming car. Is this 14 year old's life really over?

Yusuke suddenly finds himself greeted by Botan, a spirit messenger who guides Yusuke into the Spirit World to see the ruler, King Yama. Koenma, the king's son, is in on the throne because the king is away on vacation. Because of Yusuke's ultimate sacrifice, Koenma offers him a second chance at life. In order to return to the Living World, Yusuke must become a 'Spirit Detective.' Koenma assigns Botan to assist and guide Yusuke in his new role.

Yusuke makes his return to the Living World and receives his first assignment as a 'Spirit Detective.' He must track down three demons who have stolen some very powerful and dangerous artifacts from King Yama's vault. But these three demons aren't going to sit quietly, waiting to be found. Rather, they decide to strike first, and attack Yusuke where he is most vulnerable - Kayko! Can Yusuke recover the artifacts from these formidable foes? And more importantly, can he save his friend?

Without time to relax, Yusuke receives his second assignment. An aging Martial Arts expert named Genkai is going to pass along her knowledge to one worthy student. Koenma fears that a demon named Rando is planning to disguise himself in order to become the selected student. Yusuke must discover Rando and stop him. Rando is extremely dangerous and has already killed 99 martial arts experts for the sole purpose of stealing their techniques. Genkai's knowledge would make Rando virtually unstoppable. Genkai narrows her applicants to eight finalists who will face off in a tournament. Yusuke must use his detective skills to discover which of these eight fighters is the disguised demon. But even if he finds him, how is he going to stop a monster with 99 lethal fighting techniques?

Yusuke returns to his friends after six months of excruciating training with Genkai. He is sharp and has mastered many new techniques. Botan immediately shows up to give Yusuke his next assignment. Thousands of Makai insects have been released in the Living World. If not stopped, these creatures will infect untold numbers of human hosts and turn them all into mindless zombies. Yusuke must destroy the insect whistle that controls the Makai. To do this, he will have to defeat the Four Saint Beasts who possess the whistle. Koenma has sent two newcomers, Kurama and Hiei, to join Yusuke and Kuwabara on their quest. Kurama is over 300 years old and holds a wealth of wisdom. Hiei, a master swordsman, possesses incredible strength, speed, and a mysterious third eye called the Jagan. Now this unlikely team must band together for their assault on Maze Castle, the home of the Four Saint Beasts. But time is running short, for with every new Makai insect that enters the Living World, the Four Saint Beasts tighten their stranglehold on humanity!

Yusuke's next assignment could prove to be his most dangerous. An evil man named Gonzou Tarukane has kidnapped an apparition named Yukina. Yukina's tears turn into beautiful jewels that Tarukane plans to sell. Yusuke, Botan, and Kuwabara are sent to rescue Yukina from his grasp. Unfortunately, Tarukane has hired the dreaded Toguro Brothers to guard Yukina. After defeating many attackers, Yusuke and Kuwabara finally stumble upon the Toguro Brothers. The two quickly gain the upper hand on the Toguro Brothers, but the revelation of their secret power puts Yusuke and Kuwabara in danger of losing more than just the fight!

A messenger of the Spirit World, Botan serves as a guide to newly-departed spirits. She is friendly and often quite chipper, but when it comes to performing her duties she is all business. After Yusuke is assigned the job of Spiritual Detective, Koenma assigns Botan to be his assistant. Her knowledge and experience often prove invaluable to Yusuke during his many adventures
Kayko is Yusuke's closest (and at times, only) friend. She and Yusuke have known each other since they were little children, and although he would never admit it, she is probably the person that he cares most about in the world. As such, Kayko has a unique ability to talk sense into Yusuke when he is being stubborn or unruly. Kayko is one of the leading students in her school. Intelligent, friendly, and outgoing, she is well-liked and respected by her peers. She is confident, self-assured, and at times a bit head-strong. She is brave in the face of danger, and will not hesitate to put herself at risk in order to help a friend in need.
Fourteen-year-old Yusuke Urameshi is the worst student at Sarayashiki Junior High. He gets terrible grades, skips class as often as possible, and has little respect for authority. On top of that, his coarse language and brash, arrogant manner get him into more fist-fights than can he can count. Fortunately for him, he's good at fighting. Really good. In fact, Yusuke has the reputation of being the toughest kid in town. But despite his killer rep, Yusuke is misunderstood. His home life is troubled, (his mother is a severe alcoholic and his father is gone). He is hounded constantly by his teachers, by his mother, and by fellow students gunning for him… As such, Yusuke is generally pretty miserable. Only after being assigned the job of Spiritual Detective does Yusuke truly begin to find his place in life.
Actually a monster in human form, Kurama has lived for over 300 years and possesses the wisdom and knowledge one would expect of someone his age. He is generally soft-spoken, almost eerily calm, even in the face of great adversity. But this calm exterior belies Kurama's lethal potential. He is a powerful, ruthless warrior, whose wisdom and experience have taught him that only a fool allows his enemy to live to fight another day. As such, while in the heat of battle, he is without mercy.

Son of King Yama, ruler of the Spirit World, Koenma is left in charge of day to day operations while his father is away on vacation (a chore he despises - too much paperwork!). Koenma's youthful appearance is quite deceiving - the little prince is actually over 700 years old! Koenma possesses the wisdom to accompany his years, and can pose a rather commanding figure in spite of his diminutive size. There's only one thing that Koenma fears - making his father angry!
Kuwabara is Yusuke's chief rival at Sarayashiki Junior High. Like Yusuke, he isn't the greatest student, but he is an excellent fighter. Next to Yusuke he is probably the second strongest kid in town - a distinction that he despises. Every day Kuwabara challenges Yusuke to a fight, and every day he is beaten. But this only serves to strengthen his resolve. Kuwabara is driven by an unwavering desire to be the best, and he will not rest until he beats Yusuke and proves once and for all that he is the strongest.

Genkai, aging master of the Reidoha (or Spirit Wave) fighting technique, wishes to pass her knowledge to one worthy pupil before she dies. Yusuke is chosen to be that pupil, and he soon discovers Genkai's training to be the most difficult ordeal of his life. Despite her advanced years, Genkai constantly amazes Yusuke with her ability to perform superhuman feats of strength and agility. Her wit is as finely honed as her technique, and she possesses the wisdom that comes from a life rich with experience. Impossible to intimidate, she stares unflinchingly into the face of danger, ready to meet even the most daunting of challenges.
Atsuko is Yusuke's unemployed, alcoholic single mother. She loves her son and tries to steer him in the right direction as best she can, but her erratic mood swings and drunken tirades tend to make her an ineffective parent. Atsuko is aware of her shortcomings, and if there's one thing she wants for Yusuke, it's for him to make something more of himself in life than she has.

Shorin / Rando
A mild-mannered but powerful young fighter, Shorin enters Genkai's Tournament in hopes of becoming the aging master's pupil. But this quiet young man is not what he seems. Shorin is in fact none other than the monster Rando in disguise! Rando is a terrible creature who has murdered 99 fighting masters and stolen their special techniques. He now needs only to steal Genkai's power of Reidoha (the Spirit Wave) and he will become virtually invincible.

A dangerous criminal from the Spirit World with over a dozen convictions to his name, Gouki has escaped his prison and is on the loose in the human world. Yusuke is given the assignment of apprehending the villain, but he'd better be careful! Gouki is incredibly strong, and has used his strength to kill more than ten pursuers already! When backed into a corner, Gouki reveals his true form by transforming into Kyuukonki, a vicious monster that feeds on human souls (particularly the souls of children).


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